Co founder of the Police Chaplain Project, Phillip LeConte is a professional photographer and founder of two non-profits.


His work with police chaplains began in 2008 after meeting Chaplain David Fair.

Phillip LeConte with Rabbi Cary Friedman

Phillip LeConte with Rabbi Cary Friedman

After graduating from the University of Illinois, LeConte moved to Los Angeles, where he lent his modest “public relations” skills to the Stephen J Cannell series  “21 Jump Street” and “Hunter”.
As a feature writer for magazines, Phillip has conducted interviews with many creative artists and public figures, including Roy Scheider, Sally Fields, director Robert Benton and journalist Bill Moyers — who considered Phil’s to be “my favorite interview I did on that tour.” 
His feature article, “The Psychologist as TV Guide,” (April1986 issue of Psychology Today) introduced the public to network television’s use of psychological consultants. The article has been cited in various professional journals, as well as in the textbook Values and Knowledge by Terrance Brown.

In 1992, he founded the Junior Police Academy with his father, retired police officer Robert LeConte who died in 2000. Through JPA, LeConte authored educational programming that is used by police departments and schools nationwide, including the Austin Independent School District in Austin, Texas where he makes his home.

His photography has appeared in the Austin Business Journal, national and local publications and has sold at auction benefiting organizations, including the American Cancer Society and the Austin Museum of Art. His professional clients include Austin firms, Texas Alzheimer’s Association, University of Texas and Texas State University.